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a number puzzle in which the numbers 1 through 9 must be placed into a grid of cells so that each row or column contains only one of each number

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In recent years there has been much debate about whether dementia and Alzheimer's disease, in particular, can be prevented by playing brain-training games, such as suduko and crosswords.
Unlike crossword and Suduko puzzles that keep a person cognitively active but haven't been scientifically proven to delay dementia, the brain fitness program gets at the underlying neuromodular systems that are the root of age-related cognitive decline," said LaPierre.
Challenge your brain by doing puzzles suchas Suduko, reading, playing music and crosswords.
I am not one for fads or crazes - Harry Potter, Crazy Frog, Suduko all passed me by.
Louis goes swimming, while my pal Edith and I sit on a rug playing suduko - this addiction has got to stop
With the addition of Tag gaming, consumers can play more than a dozen different games such as Suduko, Club 21, High Stakes Hold 'Em, or Bejeweled 2 competing with others all around the globe by simply logging onto the network and playing the games via Smart Cloud technology.
Afterwards, I'd forgotten how to make a cup of tea and couldn't work out how to do a Suduko - I've been doing one every day for years.
I'll never forget the twinkle in your eye, your sense of humour, stoicism, being better than me at suduko, teaching me to p a i n t.
Tucked away in her trailer on set - not the lavishly appointed winnebagos of a big budget production, but a rather battered caravan with suduko puzzles strewn across the floor - Gillian looks slender enough to snap, but there is a steeliness about her.
35 million boxes of crackers, 40,000 rechargeable batteries, 12,800 MP3 players and thousands of toys, games and suduko books.
Instead he took on the challenge of doing the arrangements himself on the computer, which he describes as "like a Suduko puzzle".
Keep the old grey matter in fine fettle by getting it to jump through mental hoops with everything from a good night's sleep to dancing and Suduko.
Sonja Hughes, of Allerton, said: 'I can usually complete the Suduko but Saturday's was the hardest yet and I wanted to check where I went wrong.