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a native or inhabitant of Sudan

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The meeting discussed the situation and the issues of the Sudanese community in Egypt the scientific and practical steps to address them, and the progress of the educational process for the Sudanese community.
We call on the Sudanese authorities to release all political detainees, stop the use of violence against peaceful protesters, remove all restrictions to freedoms, lift the state of emergency and allow for a credible political dialogue in a conducive environment with all key Sudanese actors that has as its basis the goal of a political and economic transition to a new type of Sudan.
In the first-of-its-kind protest that is recognized for honoring women, Sudanese women have been called to take part in wide-scale protests across the country in what is called "Sudanese Woman March".
But on Monday Presidential Adviser Tut Kew Gatluak announced that all the armed opposition groups in Darfur are also invited to Juba for discussions with the Sudanese government in a bid to reach a comprehensive peace agreement in Sudan.
Sudanese President Field Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir, the Commander in Chief of the Sudanese Armed Forces attended on Sunday the graduation ceremony of batch 64 B of Qatari cadets at the Stadium of the Military College in Omdurman.
In a statement, military spokesman Tamer Rifai said that the Egyptian armed forces thank and appreciate the Sudanese armed forces for helping in the return of the missing patrol.
Dubai: A Kuwaiti TV show, Block Ghashmarah, provoked the anger of viewers after the show's actors wore blackface paint to portray a Sudanese character.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Yemen's Ansarullah movement said that its forces had killed a commander of Sudanese Army unit participating in Saudi-led intervention in an attack in Midi district in Hajjah Nrovince, Northwestern Yemen.
12 (BNA): Council of Representatives Speaker Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al Mulla highlighted Bahrain's appreciation of Sudanese supportive stances toward maintaining its security and stability, and the Sudanese participation within the Saudi-led Arab coalition to support legitimacy and stability in Yemen.
My Sudanese friend Khalda lives near the end of the Ma'adi-El Marg line in 'Ain Shams.
Sudanese authorities have been interrogating citizens who spent time in Israel and have returned to their country secretly via Jordan, Sudanese news organization Alrakoba has reported.
| KHARTOUM, April 24 (KUNA) -- South Sudan on Tuesday expelled 154 oil workers of Sudanese nationality and gave them 72 hours to leave the country, Sudanese Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday.
Sudanese Government Shutters Newspaper "Violating Constitution"
Summary: BEIRUT: Sudanese nationals demonstrated in Khartoum on Wednesday to condemn a raid by Lebanese security forces on a gathering of Sudanese refugees, as diplomats from both countries tried to cool tensions over the matter.
Summary: DUBAI u Hundreds of Sudanese expatriates on Thursday prayed for the souls of Captain Mohammed Ali and the five crew members who died in theC Boeing 707 cargo plane crash in Sharjah on Wednesday.
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