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Synonyms for wavelength

on the same wavelength


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the distance (measured in the direction of propagation) between two points in the same phase in consecutive cycles of a wave

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a shared orientation leading to mutual understanding

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Until recently subwavelength optics laid great hopes on the effects related to interactions of light with the, so-called, plasmons -- collective oscillations of free electron gas in metals.
Hua, "The design and simulation of a metamaterial and subwavelength cavity-based antenna," Cross Strait Quad-regional Radio Science and Wireless Technology Conference (CSQRWC), Vol.
Fink, "Influence of noise on subwavelength imaging of two close scatterers using time reversal method: Theory and experiments," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
Among specific topics are optoelectronic techniques for generating and detecting terahertz waves, terahertz wireless communications, the resonant field enhancement of terahertz waves in subwavelength plasmonic structures, novel techniques in terahertz near-field imaging and sensing, terahertz frequency metrology based on frequency comb techniques, terahertz applications in tomographic imaging and material spectroscopy, terahertz applications in wood products, and terahertz applications in art conservation.
Subwavelength antireflection structures were used lately to increase the efficiency of semiconductor electro-optical devices such as solar cells, light-emitting diodes, photodetectors and also to increase brightness of displays [15-17].
These experiments showed highly unusual transmission properties of metal films perforated with a periodic array of subwavelength holes, because the electric field is highly localized inside the grooves (around 300-1000 times larger than intensity of incoming optical light).
The chapters discuss negative refraction, negative refractive index and subwavelength imaging, magneto-optics and the Kerr effect with ferromagnetic materials, symmetry properties of nonlinear magneto-optical effects, optical magnetism in plasmonic metamaterials, chiral photonic media, optical vortices, photonic crystals, wave interference and modes in random media, chaotic behaviors of random lasers, lasing in random media, feedback in random lasers, optical metamaterials with zero loss and plasmonic nanolasers, resonance energy transfer, optics of nanostructured materials from first principles, organic photonic materials, charge transport and optical effects in disordered organic semiconductors, holography and its applications, and slow and fast light.
Our development of the Canary ESD Service with DuPont Photomasks and AMD's subsequent utilization are reflective of the kind of industry cooperation required to meet the growing complexity of the subwavelength era," said Scott Gehlke, president and chief executive officer, Ion.
Energy-confining materials such as anthracene "allow light to be effectively transmitted through the 'bottleneck' created by the subwavelength dimensions of the tip near the aperture.
Deep Subwavelength Focusing of Broad Beam Using Hyperbolic Metamaterial, Rochester Institute of Technology
4L II USM, treated with highly anti-reflective Subwavelength Structure Coating (SWC) in 2008.
The researchers explain that each pixel can be thought of as a 'meta-molecule', because it is the basic repeating, subwavelength unit of the larger metasurface that constitutes the entire hologram.
Surface Plasmon subwavelength optics," Nature, 424: 824-830.
Electromagnetic metamaterial is a composite in which subwavelength features, rather than the constituent materials, control the macroscopic electromagnetic properties.