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Synonyms for subversive

Synonyms for subversive

in opposition to a civil authority or government

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178 officers and soldiers were killed as they were on duty battling crime and terror and securing stability of the society", it explained, adding that 852 others were wounded by terrorists and subversives.
An outraged Christofias said the 'vile slogans' were 'shameful' and castigated 'this mentality that resorts to dirty slogans as well as undermining and subversive action.
Other academics can suggest that writers who eschew explicit sex, violence, or politics are really closet subversives.
Supreme Court Chief Justice) Earl Warren when he argued that the absence of subversive activity by Japanese Americans proved that such activity was just around the corner.
Some idea of how seriously our national security was already compromised back then can be surmised by the fact that these two subversives, along with many kindred spirits, had enjoyed access to our nation's top secrets.
Can you imagine the havoc a subversive idea like handing out savings bonds to kids trying to help their neighborhoods would cause if it spread throughout the city?
Subversives will make things as difficult as possible so the most adverse circumstances should be considered.
Sure, the intellectuals were always telling us that promiscuity was subversive--a continuation of the gay liberation that began with Stonewall--but in the age of AIDS there's never been much of anything subversive about having sex with a lot of people because it wasn't really an act of protest.
With the Pope's appearance, Reed yanks the mask of religious benevolence from what is now shown to be an instrument of tyrannical white power, and the Pope's specific fear of Haitian subversives prepares for Reed's development of this particular aspect of the hoodoo trickster's threat to Atonist power in Mumbo Jumbo and The Last Days of Louisiana Red.
Sixties militancy became roadkill under the mainstream machine that slapped business suits on subversives, while failed utopian ideologies were appropriated in the form of designer clothes and Muzak.
All three are subversives, playing the fool while undermining authority with surprising finesse.
They wanted to get rid of the union leaders and branding them as subversives was an effective way to do it," said Chavez.
About 20 Houthi suspects have been sentenced to death and more than 25 subversives to jail terms ranging from 5 to 15 years.
The teachings and tactics devised by Viennese cultural Marxist Wilhelm Reich, a contemporary and comrade of Gramsci, provided the game plan for many of the academic subversives who brought about the countercultural revolution of the 1960s, one major legacy of which is our contemporary porn industry.
It is no coincidence that Halberstam focuses on those men: In challenging their environments they satisfy Halberstam's interest in those who buck the system, who are institutional subversives.