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a system that is part of some larger system

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The company said this successful operation of the regeneration module represents the culmination of development of the entire Zinc Regeneration Subsystem (ZRS), which includes the mechanism for generating the flow of electrolyte to wash the zinc particles from the electrodes, the mechanism for collecting and transferring the particles so produced and the control system that manages the sequencing of all regeneration functions.
Whichever path this job attains transfer station [N.sub.i] through, the accumulated reward R([N.sub.i]) of all RL subsystems caused by this job is
The contract includes an option for an additional subsystem, which if exercised, brings the full contract to approximately CA$30 million.
The Exelis CWI subsystem uses the latest technology for its high-voltage power supply, digital control, microwave signal generation and power amplifier circuits; it is substantially smaller and lighter than similar legacy subsystems used on older F-16s and other fighter aircraft.
Let's say that we want to break our system down into subsystems, and a logical choice is to separate the functionality related to policies from the functionality related to customers.
The Visiongain author of the UAV Payload and Subsystems report commented that "The next decade will see the continued use of UAVs for a variety of complex and dangerous military operations.
In addition, because subsystems are able to interface and integrate with the much older computer hardware and software that execute the test program on the legacy system, they enable organizations to extend the useful life of and investment in their original ATE by decades.
In fact, an unique one-element collapse is a reversible process for quantum initial subsystems with just an unique element.
1) that consists of four essential parts (subsystems).
As subsystems are brought together for system-level prototyping, subsystems can have surprising impacts on each others' performance.
The CAAC information system has been arranged for the time being into 15 subsystems (see Fig.
ARC International plc (LSE: ARK), a provider of configurable media subsystems and CPU/DSP processors, introduced on Tuesday (11 March) the newest addition to its ARC Sound Subsystem family, the ARC Sound 210E.
ARC International plc (LSE: ARK), a provider of configurable media subsystems and CPU/DSP processors, announced on Tuesday (20 November) an optimized MP3 decoder for its ARC Sound Subsystem.
The HiNeFS structure is composed of [N.sub.sub] = n-1 subsystems, where [N.sub.sub]is the number of subsystems, and n the number of system inputs.