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a string that is part of a longer string

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Since all the possible off-target homological regions bear a substring of length 7 that has an exact match with the siRNA sequence, it is reasonable to perform the Smith-Waterman alignment only on the regions that have an exact match with at least one substring of the siRNA sequence.
In other words, p has both a pair of consecutive 0s and a pair of consecutive 1s as substrings.
Problem analysis; a close inspection of the problem discloses that there are three basic types of substring families.
Step 3: Delete the operations that are already in the substring from the second parent.
Each substring length is chosen as 10 and a population of 40 individuals is considered in each case.
The substring of binaries in-between these locations is replaced with a newly (randomly) generated binary string having the same length.
The "Industry Contacts" search is a substring search with no Boolean capabilities, so that, for Lyric Opera of Chicago, "lyric opera," "opera of Chicago," and "lyric opera of chic" all work, but "chicago lyric opera" and "chicago and lyric and opera" do not.
This string must not contain as a substring the individual's name or social security number.
This is natural-language processing software that builds up interpretations of larger and larger substrings of the input word list by always trying to combine the strongest substring interpretations found up to that point.
Shortest substring rankingMultiText experiments for TREC-4.
In order to create an offspring, the substring between the two cut points in the first parent replaces the corresponding substring in the second parent.
Washer shaped anchoring rock (large) or pad (low) to substring the anchor of the section V-32/V-36,
The most commonly used mutation operators for TSP are insertion operator (that selects a node and inserts it in a random place), inversion operator (that selects two points along the length of chromosome and reverses the substring between these points) and swap operator (that selects two nodes randomly and swaps them).
Yu cites other cases, however, where phonologically-driven duplication of a substring appears to be less of a coincidence and more of a direct phonological mandate.
Given a text collection, the suffix array contains pointers to the initial positions of all the retrievable strings, for example, all the word beginnings to retrieve words and phrases, or all the text characters to retrieve any substring.