service of process

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the act of delivering a writ or summons upon someone

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The Court has made an Order for Substituted Service of the Petition on 19 March 2018, which provided that advertisement of the Petition in Chronicle Live and London Gazette shall be deemed to be good and sufficient service.
Through a granted substituted service, the notice of sufficiency would instead be delivered via postal mail to start the validation of signatures and the election recall process.
In 2008, an Australian court allowed a mortgage lender, MKM Capital, to serve a default judgment in a foreclosure matter via Facebook as a form of substituted service. All the more-conventional methods of service had proven fruitless, since the defendants had moved, changing both jobs and phone numbers.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, court documents show that lender Perpetual Trustee Company applied to the Federal Magistrate's Court in Sydney for a "substituted service" of the bankruptcy notice today.
Meanwhile, the tribunal declined to hear an ex-parte application filed by the C4C, praying for substituted service on President Buhari and his Vice, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, following flaws in the motion.
Mr Ofou then moved an ex parte motion in which he prayed the court for an order of substituted service on the two major defendants.
"I was neither a party to the proceedings nor was I issued with any order personally or by substituted service to date directing me to do or refrain from doing anything," Matiangi adds.
if we could resort to substituted service. The en banc has acted on [my request] but they are still [considering] it.
'It has been difficult to have the task force accept service for this case until we routed it through substituted service. Even after that, the STF refused to show appearance before this court up till date.
Boateng was granted an order of substituted service on 16 August, 2018, to serve the defendant (Paintsil) after several unsuccessful attempts since filing the writ on 15 May, 2018.
The one in newspapers is a substituted service and has to be approved by the court.
When summons cannot be served personally within a reasonable period of time, substituted service may be resorted to.