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Synonyms for submersible

a warship designed to operate under water

capable of being immersed in water or functioning while submerged

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Which of these submersibles cannot explore deeper than 1,000 meters?
The submersibles used for the project were organised by Mark Taylor of Manned Sub International, who has worked with AMS for a number of years.
Marine scientists studying life around deep-sea vents have discovered that some hardy species can survive the extreme change in pressure that occurs when a research submersible rises to the surface.
In the meantime the DOER team has got on with other projects, building subsea robotics and manned submersibles.
According to Sun Zhihui, director of the State Oceanic Administration, a deep-sea manned submersible for the mission has been assembled last year and the test would begin this year.
The "little sub" will make its maiden voyage this month at the personal submersibles convention in Holland, Mich.
Now she is one of a group of scientists who board submersibles like Alvin to study Earth's seafloor.
The task will be to get the submersible to "talk," or show viewers above the water what is happening beneath it.
Then it will be time to get into two manned MIR submersibles forthe long dive to the surface of the ocean.
Through the startup and growth of rental fleets, ITT Flygt will use the engine-driven pumps to complement their broad line of electric submersibles, specifying the portable pumps for applications requiring temporary, standby or remote pumping.
Cables feed power and instructions to the submersibles and receive images and other data.
Unlike long-range space exploration, where unmanned craft have the upper hand, human-piloted submersibles have a big advantage in exploring Earth's last frontier because, untethered, they can dive deeper and discover more.
Submersibles opened up a new pump technology and a new pumping philosophy, which include the following major advantages:
Today, Graham Hawkes, a marine engineer and cofounder of the Ocean Exploration Group in Point Richmond, Calif., captures that vision in his "organic" designs of submersibles.
Learn how new submersibles are making it possible to overcome the challenges of deep-sea exploration.