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partial displacement of a joint or organ

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Heart Rate Variability to Assess the Changes in Autonomic Nervous System Function Associated with Vertebral Subluxation.
In the subluxated subjects, the longitudinal scans were mainly used in 50 MHz UBM to determine the range and the most significant direction of lens subluxation carefully, and the axial scans were mainly used in 25 MHz UBM to determine the subluxated lens.
Cricoarytenoid dislocations and subluxations are managed with operative reduction to create a pseudoarthrosis, with or without adjunctive medialization procedures such as vocal fold injections and/or thyroplasty.
Subluxation is, in the terminology of linguistics, a keyword in the chiropractic literature, and two studies have indicated that it is over-represented in comparison to its prevalence in general English.
The history then often consists of a long period of subjective subluxation and soreness, as described in our patient, followed by an acute trauma which leads to medical assessment.
To our knowledge, this is the first reported description of permanent subluxation of the lateral menisci.
JO: Treating subluxations can provide reduced stress, anxiety, and fatigue, allergy resolution, and improved sleep and gastrointestinal function.
These subluxations, commonly caused by birth trauma, childhood falls, accidents and all types of stress, reduce the function of the areas supplied by these nerves.
Naturally, some of the above conditions require specialist treatment in secondary care, but simple instances of restricted ROM or minor subluxation (joints can become either luxated--dislocated--or subluxated--partially dislocated) can frequently be treated by a suitably trained Podiatrist in primary care practice.
The posterior drawer test is the most accurate clinical test to diagnose PCL tears; however, posterior subluxation often cannot be elicited with this maneuver in the acute setting due to soft tissue swelling and pain [2].
The chiropractic doctor is trained to examine the spine and, through an artful technique of palpation, along with neurological and orthopedic tests and x-rays, the doctor can determine if there are subluxations, individual vertebrae that are out of place, causing nerve interference to the specific organs and external tissues.
No vertebral artery injury was detected in patients who had facet joint subluxations.
"Anyone who has ever had repetitive subluxations of shoulders will know there is a lot of apprehension involved.
Furthermore, she had previous left hip and knee subluxations, and hallux valgus.