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Synonyms for subaltern

one belonging to a lower class or rank

Synonyms for subaltern

a British commissioned army officer below the rank of captain

inferior in rank or status

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Mr de Brenni said the reforms also strengthen the Queensland Building and Construction Commissions powers to intervene to protect subbies by re-opening its line of sight to companies that may be in trouble.
They owe an apology to subcontractors around the state, particularly in places like the Gold Coast where subbies have lost millions this year.
The boosted grant has also encouraged investment in new housing stocks with on-flow benefits for local contractors, subbies and suppliers who rely on the building industry.
But clubs weren't forced to name goalies on the bench in those days and our boss Jocky Scott chose to pick only outfield subbies.
Minimalist with a touch of Japanese, it's got that industrial chic thing whereby you can place a couple of celebs beside the bar and it'll look Met Bar cool, but swap them with a few typical Subbies and it'll look Berlin bunker chic.
Subbies and suppliers might wish to contact the Humberside contractor's chief estimator Roy Chapman or the Manchester office of Hattrell & Partners (project architect Neil Darlington).
Mr de Brenni said that the Governments comprehensive suite of reforms would simplify the payment system, take action against illegal phoenixing and introduce project bank accounts to help ensure money owed to subbies was available to them.
Not only do staff suffer and subbies such as Sillars and Wyn feel a heavy draught but arranging continuation contracts can be painful too.
75 billion infrastructure investment, including the Territorys largest ever investment in repairs and maintenance, because we know this money can get out the door fast, to keep tradies and subbies in jobs.
Though it's early days, the contractor's Steve Temperley will have input into the choice of subbies.