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(biology) a taxonomic group that is a division of a species

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In captivity, however, there are some white tigers that are hybrids - a mix of different sub-species. White Bengal tigers are sometimes mated with tigers from other sub-species, producing white hybrid tigers.
But Ms Smith said: "The Irish hare is a sub-species.
The newcomer, Inca Sun, is a sub-species of the common potato (Solanum tuberosum) and originates from crossing with a wild South American type.
Politicians may be an odd sub-species, but anyone who expects them to differ from us in that respect is in cloud cuckoo land.
Two Monarcha castaneiventris sub-species have the same body shape, but different colored bellies and distinct songs.
"It is therefore a matter of time before the European cousins of our mosquitoes, the malaria-carrying species and sub-species, reach our shores."
News of this incarceration will rattle through gangland, hopefully stopping this sub-species in their expensively-clad tracks, giving their flashy, loud women pause for thought.
The stolen animals are species known as Spur-thigh and Lebanese sub-species. Surviving tortoises of this kind are numbered in their 1000s.
Haines is confident he has made the right decision to link up with the Parrys International Wolves - and he will enjoy support from the Sub-Species stable who also back British Grand Prix star Scott Nicholls.
After verification, Akmad said the hornbill belongs to the sub-species 'mindanensis' because of its pale- yellow color and distal half feature.
The grey-crowned crane (balearica regulorum) has two sub-species, balearica regulorum gibbericeps in East Africa, also known as the crested crown in Uganda, and balearica regulorum regulorum in South Africa, with slightly different markings mainly on the red part of the face.
Scarefest 2019 will also see the return of award-winning scare mazes Sub-Species - The End Game, Altonville Mine Tours and Project 42.
Scarefest 2019 will also see the return of award-winning scare mazes Sub-Species -The End Game, Altonville Mine Tours and Project 42.
A female rhinoceros named Iman is now the only surviving member of the sub-species in the country.
But nothing could prepare Adam Todd for what he found - a small dogfish - a sub-species of the shark family.