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rich in tarry hydrocarbons

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Lignite: Also known as "brown coal," this mineral ranks be-tween peat and sub-bituminous coal with regard to heat content.
The sub-bituminous coal sample was sun dried for two days to reduce its moisture content.
The project plans to convert sub-bituminous coal into urea for fertilizer through gasification technology.
The company specializes in the production of low sulfur, sub-bituminous coal and owns and operates three surface coal mines in the Powder River Basin, the lowest-cost coal producing region in the nation among major coal producing regions.
This technology is more aptly suited for low-rank coals such as lignites and sub-bituminous coal because they produce less heat due to their high ash content and are highly polluting.
Perdaman plans to utilise environmentally friendly, best in class technologies that will transform sub-bituminous coal into urea by way of innovative and low emissions coal gasification technology," he added.
Arutmin has so far supplied sub-bituminous coal to the coal-fired power plant of PLTU Suralaya, Banten averaging 3.
Approximately 58% of the reserves are lignite, 27% sub-bituminous coal, and 15% bituminous coal.
Escatron, midway between Madrid and Barcelona, is located in an area with abundant reserves of sub-bituminous coal.
7 million tons of high-quality sub-bituminous coal for sale to the adjacent Naughton power station, as well as various industrial customers located in the proximate geographic region.
Important sub-bituminous coal would be utilized and power would be supply to K-Electric Limited (KE).
The plant consumes approximately 50,000 (short) tons of sub-bituminous coal annually.
With low sulfur emissions--the Environmental Protection Agency has said the coal produced by Usibelli Coal Mine (UCM) at Healy is among the lowest-sulfur coal in the nation--the sub-bituminous coal is a high demand commodity.
Good quality Sub-bituminous coal is available in various coalfields of Balochistan and Punjab, where coalfields are considered suitable for power generation.
1 million tons of high-quality sub-bituminous coal for sale to power generators located throughout the United States.