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Founded by the publishing firm Oficyna Wydawnicza "Interim" (soon to be renamed the Twoj Styl Company) and headed by Cezary Windorbski, a former academic and historian of philosophy, Twoj Styl was one of the first elite Polish women's magazines to appear during the transitional period.
Du Toit en Smith-Muller beklemtoon dat dit by styl onder andere gaan om die opbou van die teks in sy geheel--'n proses waarin deurdagte sinsbou en woordkeuse meespeel.
Dit is hierdie verwagtingshorison wat die verloop van die verhaal en die styl waarin geskryf word, bepaal en tegnies is dit nie so maklik nie.
They studied many architectural styl,s found in America.
The Ampro family of products includes over 18 unique hair care items, including Ampro Pro Styl Protein Styling Gels, America's Number One selling styling gel, as well as its award-winning line Ampro Pro Styl Shine 'n Jams and new moisturizing styling gels.
SOLDIE styl A SOLDIER who gave a Nazi-style salute while posing in front of a Union flag in Afghanistan has claimed he was actually supporting Ulster's Loyalists.
Kritiek kan teenoor die roman aangevoer word vir die stereotipiese gesprekke van die "Gay Boys" en Saskia se geneigdheid om in Amerikaanse styl te laster, asook teenoor die aanraak van 'n magdom (Suid-Afrikaanse) probleemkwessies: politiek, wantroue teen vreemdelinge in Suid-Afrika, homofobie, promiskuiteit, dwelmhandel, misdaad, die problematiek van 'n multikulturele bestaan, rassisme, seksisme, wapengeweld, die onverskillige bestuurders van taxi's, moord, vooroordeel, seksuele misbruik, vrouemishandeling, aborsie, skynheiligheid, geloof, kultuurgebondenheid teenoor die wees van 'n Afrikaan/Suid-Afrikaner, eetsteurnisse, die stereotipe van 'n korrupte polisiediens, die problematiek rondom grondbesit, en so meer.
But he singled out Prince Charles as being a styl ish exception and says David Cameron is better dressed than his Labour rivals.
I decided to have the students do self-portraits in a plaster-relief styl,.
Daar is ook duidelike tekens van Leroux se poging om die gepaste styl te vind vir sy besondere tematiek.
A simp mple styl ylish dres ess is thi his summer's cool alteternative to tro rous user ers.
cust Mar maj bod Fr Sun From tomorrow until Sunday, a body scanner allo styl WH FOR D M ))NCAL follo minwfo th will be at M&S Braehead, allowing customers to find their most flattering style and aid their search for the perfect jeans.
Th, posters are accompanied by a thirty-two-page teachiol guide that explains th, process of urban change and presents a series of discussion questions about forces of change, city planniol and architectural styl,s.
Al Amal, Alfa Ceramiche, Althea, Ambient, Aparici / Apavisa, Arce Ceramica, Arte Bianco, Atlas Concorde, Azulejos, Bengoss Comimpex, Ceramica Argenta, Ceramica Estilker, Ceramica Gomez, Ceramica Ravenna, Ceramicas Torreta, Cerypsa, Dedeman, Delta Design, Dima, El Molino, Fap Ceramiche, Gallery RP, Garogres, Grupo Porcelanosa, Halofin, Han Asparuh, Han Omurtag, Hispania, Imola Ceramica, Intercon, Intervo, Iris Ceramica, Keraben, Lasselsberger, Lasselsberger (Cesarom), Lasselsberger (Sanex), Lazar, Magic, Mapisa, Marazzi, Navarti, Parthenon, Pazo Grup, Premier Com, Regata, Rex Ceramica, Richetti, Saloni, Sanchis, SSAB Impex, Stelcati, Styl Nul, Tiger Amira, Undefasa, Viva Ceramica and many others.
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