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dark and dismal as of the rivers Acheron and Styx in Hades

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Him followed his next Mate, Both glorying to have scap't the STYGIAN flood As Gods, and by their own recover'd strength, Not by the sufferance of supernal Power.
Bertha Kircher was no coward, whatever else she may have been, but as night began to close down around her she could not shut out from her mind entirely contemplation of the terrors of the long hours ahead before the rising sun should dissipate the Stygian gloom--the horrid jungle night--that lures forth all the prowling, preying creatures of destruction.
He wrote that he hated the smell and that "this stygian habit fills your lungs full of tar"
In the Stygian gloom of School Lane, the policemen came upon a scene of pandemonium; hysterical girls screaming, drunken lads laughing and jeering, and eventually Fred found the victim: a small slim girl of 17 named Norma, surrounded by a gaggle of mostly sympathetic juveniles.
James Wan, the director of The Conjuring 2, was born in Malaysia, but began his filmmaking career in Australia, where his first feature film, Stygian, won the Best Guerrilla Film citation at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival in 2000.
If the ballot outcome entails subjugating to the euro group's demands, which means Greece will wager its soul hoping for salvation, the Alexis Tsipras government will lose its legitimacy and the country will plunge into another Stygian sea of troubles.
Manila Bay itself is a challenge for Hercules to revisit the Stygian Stables.
That's puppet artist Judd Palmer's tongue-in-cheek description of Famous Puppet Death Scenes, a production slated to turn Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company into a whimsical Stygian shore from Dec.
For all our sakes, let us hope that they manage to do this without policy plunging us into stygian gloom"- Sir Bernard Ingham.
For all our sakes, let us hope that they manage to do this without their policy plunging us into stygian gloom" Sir Bernard Ingham "I suppose I must now be the last man standing" Lord (Denis) Healey, 97, former Labour chancellor, commenting on the death of his ex-Cabinet colleague Lord Barnett "I was always thinking that people didn't like me.
Yet it's hard not to feel giddy delight at the first sight of those emblematic clouds rolling across the landscape of the nation's capital and plunging the city into a Stygian gloom.
Standing in the middle of this room, the viewer had two choices: Follow the stygian lure of a Black Painting that was visible through the doorway (it led to a room containing thirteen such canvases), or pass through a short, dark hallway to see a brief show of images from Reinhardt's collection of some twelve thousand slides.
Stygian Publishing sold "Dancing with Pomegranates," a $95k piece on the first day of the show.
In the rusti-phobic imagination, gun shows are stygian gatherings of edentulous Junior Samples lookalikes, but they are really rural swap meets.
It just flows at the speed of a cataract, hurtling us toward some Stygian, tone-deaf, stone dead sea.