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The study of the estimated damage caused by Starling Sturnus vulgaris L.
Latin name: Sturnus vulgaris Family: Starlings (Sturnidae) Overview: Smaller than blackbirds, with a short tail, pointed head and triangular wings, starlings look black at a distance but are in fact glossy with a sheen of purples and greens.
Totales Frecuentes Gremios 1 Paloma domestica, Columba livia O-S 2 Gorrion, Passer domesticus O-S 3 Zorzal colorado, Turdus rufiventris# O-S 4 Cotorra, Mviopsitta monacha# G-A 5 Torcacita comun, Columbina picui# G-S 6 Paloma picazuro,Patagioenaspicazuro# G-S 7 Torcaza, Zenaida auriculata# G-S 8 Hornero, Furnarius rttfus# 1-S 9 Benteveo, Pitangus sulplturatus# O-S 10 Calancate ala roja, Aratinga leucophthalma F-A 11 Calandria grande, Minuts saturninus# O-S 12 Golondrina domestica, Progne chalybea# I-A poco Frecuentes 13 Estornino Pinto, Sturnus vulgaris O-S 14 Chingolo, Zonotrichia capensis# G-S 15 Tordo musico, Molothrus badius# G-S 16 Ratona comun, Troglod tes aedon# 1-V 17 Picabuey, Machetornis ri.
We tested wild, naive starlings, Sturnus vulgaris, and house sparrows, Passer domesticus against R.
psittacus Parra chilensis Phalaena ceraria Otis chilensis HYMENOPTERA Cynips rosmarini PASSERES DIPTERA Columba melanoptera Tipula moschifera Sturnus loyca APTERA Turdus thilius; T.
The name Sturnus vulgaris might be changed to Sturnus-vulgaris, Sturnus.
On May 17, 2001, the Court found against Italy because Italian legislation permits the capture and keeping in captivity of three species of wild bird, passer italiae, passer montanus and sturnus vulgaris.
Two types of orientation in migrating starlings Sturnus vulgaris and chaffinches Fringilla coelebs, as revealed by displacement experiments.
Reduction in escape performance as a cost of reproduction in gravid starlings, Sturnus vulgaris.
Artificial selection and gene flow in wild starlings, Sturnus vulgaris.
1957: Von der Biologie des Blutspechts Dendrocopos syriacus balcanicus, und seinen Beziehungen zu den Staren Sturnus vulgaris.
Very few researches about the Sturnus vulgaris were published in Algeria.
1) species which are not popular quarries including moorhen Gallinula chloropus, skylark Alauda arvensis and starling Sturnus vulgaris, and thus hunting disturbance is unlikely to cause any impact on the populations;