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Synonyms for stunner

Synonyms for stunner

one that evokes great surprise and admiration

a person regarded as physically attractive

Synonyms for stunner

a very attractive or seductive looking woman

an unexpected and amazing event

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It has been a year since she won the first Samsung Stunner title, but she still gets adulation from fans.
She's another Samsung stunner nominee from this year's cheerdance champion.
DELUDED: The Stunners perform RIVALS: Danyl Johnson, below left, and Jamie Afro, above
Cruel, mocking laughter at the folly of The Stunners for daring to think they ever had a hope in hell.
Those of us who kid ourselves we are decent, caring human beings with our fair share of compassion have no trouble at all seeing the likes of The Stunners torn to pieces.
Now Kelly is hoping to win our Sunday Stunner crown and launch a modelling career.
But the Brummie babe, who works as a payroll administrator, is hoping to break into the professional world of pouting popettes, by winning our Sunday Stunner competition.
The blonde stunner told I-Spy: 'There's a really fit boy in it and I had to kiss him.
BRUMMIE beauty Gemma Delaney certainly fits the bill as a contender in our Sunday Stunner competition.
If you think you've got what it takes, send a photo and personal details to Sunday Stunners, Sunday Mercury, Weaman Street, Birmingham B4 6AY or e-mail SundayMercury@mrn.
SIZZLING Midland beauty Jade Price shows off the stunning form which she hopes will see her crowned our Sunday Stunner.
THESE are the sizzling Midland stunners who want YOUR vote to be crowned High Street Honey 2004.
The model stunner revealed she has been plagued by a twisted stalker who constantly phoned her mobile and even turned up at her apartment.
Like prowling lions, we'd select a bikiniclad local stunner who had strayed from the safety of the herd, hand her an icecream and demand she licked it.
The gorgeous Selly Oak stunner has a glamorous past in can-can dancing and admits she enjoys nothing more than giving the crowd a quick peek at her frillies.