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Synonyms for stunner

Synonyms for stunner

one that evokes great surprise and admiration

a person regarded as physically attractive

Synonyms for stunner

a very attractive or seductive looking woman

an unexpected and amazing event

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Afterwards, one of the Stunners tells the by now completely stunned judges that she compares herself to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, while her partner claims to be more of a Christina Auguilera or Justin Timberlake type singer.
By mid-1999, pneumatic stunners with air will be used to help slaughter less than one percent of steers and heifers, says the beef industry.
I mean, The Stunners were not there because someone thought they had a pretty good shot at being the next Pussycat Dolls.
We're honestly surprised at the girls he's pictured with in the papers and there's always a quip or two about how he's pulled his latest stunner.
Best of the rest of the soap stunners are Emmerdale's Kathy Bates, who can boast six conquests, and sexy Cindy with four.
The 36 year-old stunner was in town to promote her latest lingerie collection, which has won acclaim around the world.
Page three stunners Leilani, Holly McGuire, Jo Hicks, Joanne Lawden were also on hand to brighten up the saucy bash at the fashionable Po Na Na nightclub.
Peter, 19, met the Aussie stunners near the winners' podium after lapping up all the track action with thousands of other cheering spectators.
SEXY PAIR: Fay Cartwright and Claire Beedon want to be Sunday Mercury stunners' SHOWERING: stunner Kelly Osborne
H LEE RYAN has recorded a whole album in Italian - so he can pull the European stunners.
Send your photo and contact details to Sunday Mercury Stunners, Weaman Street, Birmingham, B4 6AY or e-mail SundayMercury@mrn.
If you think you've got what it takes, send a photo and personal details to Sunday Stunners, Sunday Mercury, Weaman Street, Birmingham B4 6AY or e-mail SundayMercury@mrn.
THESE are the sizzling Midland stunners who want YOUR vote to be crowned High Street Honey 2004.
The model stunner revealed she has been plagued by a twisted stalker who constantly phoned her mobile and even turned up at her apartment.
Like prowling lions, we'd select a bikiniclad local stunner who had strayed from the safety of the herd, hand her an icecream and demand she licked it.