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large and widely distributed genus of hairstreak butterflies

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Actualmente la "broca de la pina" Strymon megarus y la "cochinilla de la pina" Dysmicoccus brevipes (Cockerell) son problemas entomologicos importantes de la pina en la Selva Central.
au bout de trois ou quatre mois, quand le bruit se repandit qu'il avait vaincu les Macedoniens dans une bataille livree au-dela du Strymon [.
Druce, 1872) 205 Calycopis bactra 2 (Hewitson, 1877) 206 Calycopis xeneta 2 c (Hewitson, 1877) 207 Calycopis trebula 1 2 b c (Hewitson, 1868) 208 Calycopis pisis 1 2 b c (Godman & Salvin, 1887) 209 Strymon melinus 1 2 b c (Hubner, [1813]) 210 Strymon rufofusca 1 2 b c (Hewitson, 1877) 211 Strymon albata 2 b c (C.
Density-dependent mating tactics in the gray hairstreak, Strymon melinus (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae).
Spangled undulatum Fritillary Strymon Gray Cleome serrulata, Dipsacus melinus Hairstreak Geranium sylvestrus (Hubner) viscossimum, (ova) Solidago occidentalis Vanessa annabella West Coast Chrysothamnus (Field) Lady nauseous, Taraxacum officinale Vanessa Red Admiral Urtica atalanta (L.
Records indicate that the species has been more numerous in May and during October-November, however, this lycaenid may be easily overlooked and has never achieved the abundance of the next two Strymon and individuals are rather localized.
Especies como Ocaria aholiba, Brangas coccineifrons, Brevianta undulata, Marachina maraches, Hypostrymon asa, Panthiades paphlagon, Strymon bubastus, Timaeta eronos, Timaeta trochus, estuvieron representadas por un solo individuo lo cual indica que son especies regularmente ajenas a la cima o que no hacen "Hilltopping".
Secondly, Orpheus's lament on the banks of the River Strymon at the final loss of Eurydice underlined the origins of art: art is born out of suffering, out of loss and absence; art provides a presence to make up for this void.
35] And in fable 11, Strymon , the inconsolable friend of the murderously betrayed Rhesus, is transformed into the stone called Pausilype, "which erases all solicitude" (qui efface toute solicitude; F:274), only after throwing himself into the Palestine river: "Seeking some comfort that might erase his great sorrow, / [He] casts himself into the Palestine from a deadly cliff" (iE:275, verses 7-8).
Likewise, gymnosperms are used by only a handful of species in Pieridae (Neophasia in Pierinae) and Lycaenidae (Callophrys, Eumaeus, and Strymon in Theclinae, and Theclinesthes and Luthrodes in Polyommatinae).
3 [GREEK TEXT OMITTED]) and at the Strymon river in the east (2.
The Esclavoy were the Slavs, Sorbies and Soy the Serbians and Serbs, the Ermines and Ormadens were the Armenians, the Turs and Pers were the Turks and Persians, the Pinceneis were the Pechenegs, the Avers the Avars, the Hums and Hangies the Huns and Hungarians, the Astrimnoies were the people from Strymon in Macedonia.
The hurricane that came from Strymon, / breeding deadly delays, starvation, lost anchorages, / driving crews to aimless wanderings, / .
Principal battles: Alexandria (El Iskandariyah) (1177); Durazzo (Durres), the Strymon (Struma) (1185).
Declining food and drink, he sat by the River Strymon and sang his twice-felt grief.