Strombus gigas

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a large variety of conch


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Strombus gigas (Linnaeus, 1758) es un organismo con distribucion metapoblacional en el Caribe, presenta un estadio larval, cuya cinetica de desarrollo ha sido estudiada en condiciones normales de temperatura (28 - 29[grados]C), por lo que no se conoce el efecto que el incremento de temperatura y la disminucion del pH ejercen durante su etapa larval.
Shell middens as indicators of long-term distributional pattern in strombus gigas, a heavily exploited marine gastropod.
The discrimination of Strombus gigas shell from coral is made by structural observations and may be aided by hydrostatic SG measurements.
Role of chemical inducers in larval metamorphosis of queen conch, Strombus gigas Linnaeus: relationship to other marine invertebrate systems.
Winter mass migration of juvenile queen conch Strombus gigas and their influence on the benthic environment.
Biological data on Berry Islands (Bahamas) queen conchs, Strombus gigas, with mariculture and fisheries management implications.
The queen conch Strombus gigas Linnaeus, 1758 is a large marine gastropod of significant economic importance through the Greater Caribbean region (Theile, 2005).
The queen conch, Strombus gigas (Gastropoda: Strombidae), is one of the most iconic molluscs throughout the tropical and subtropical western Atlantic Ocean.
Growth, morphological variations of the shell and some biological data of the conch (Cobo) Strombus gigas L.
Queen conch, Strombus gigas, are marine benthic gastropods found in seagrass beds and sand flats throughout the tropical Atlantic (Randall, 1964; Brownell and Stevely, 1981).
ABSTRACT This study reports on a new parasite of the digestive gland of the queen conch, Strombus gigas.