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scientific instrument that provides a flashing light synchronized with the periodic movement of an object

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As a result, the K50 Beacon Light is now available in rotating and strobing models that will radiate an extremely bright, attention-getting signal with its intense LEDs.
Also, battery life is conserved by continuous strobing at frequencies which the human eye can't detect.
The eight-strong group began looking for a performance which they could all enjoy this year but five theatres in the area told them they used some form of strobing in their pantos.
Like a musical where characters suddenly break into song, these characters suddenly lift into swooping unisons or hurtling virtuosic solos fragmented through cutting and strobing.
Lisa Strobing, executive vice president of Bellmark, a residential broker, says she understands the sponsors' desire to hold onto apartments during a downturn, but ultimately, the units have to be sold.