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Swedish dramatist and novelist (1849-1912)

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that intractable virago and Strindbergian cock-tease, Miss Julie.
And if the rambling, Strindbergian work seems an odd choice for Los Angeles Opera.
They clearly felt their romance, retold countless times with Strindbergian angst, deserved a "fairytale" ending, with the roaring applause of 200 celebrities (and some mini-celebs) toasting the bride and groom on discounted champagne, courtesy of Veuve Cliquot.
In her case, I wish Whoriskey had carried her Strindbergian vision much further.
Ho; goes running back to Lai after being beaten up by a john, and as his wounds mend the pair renew their Strindbergian rites of mental abuse.
Whereas Semiramide is the almost parodistic embodiment of display, Katya has the manner of a quiet chamber opera, although its material is both generally provocative in a Strindbergian sense and musically as well as dramatically a considerable challenge for orchestra and singers.
If "Gaslight" stopped there--with Jack storming out and Bella weeping on the sofa, certain she didn't move the missing picture--it would be an almost Strindbergian portrait of the psychic wounds couples inflict on each other.