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a metrical unit with unstressed-stressed syllables

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All the while, the poem creates its desired effect through a disruption of strict iambics which has nothing to do with the original Latin meter.
In our theory, loose iambic meter arises by application of the same metrical theory which explains strict iambic meter.
In (31) we have scanned Rossetti's "Up-Hill," which is in strict iambic meter, with lines that vary in length.
Its rhymed couplets, most of them obeying strict iambic pentameter, develop a complex iteration of cultural values and direct a black audience to sources of support and sustenance in times of trouble.
I enjoy seeing naughtiness done in strict iambic pentameter, and it's because Larkin (like Rich) was so well trained in traditional prosody that she (like Rich) also handles looser forms so well.