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a lamp supported on a lamppost


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Students applied the DECIDER process to arrive at a tangible solution that resulted in different streetlamp designs that were completely functional and suitable for distribution.
Above left: Model of Elan Valley, at Cannon Hill Park, by Mark Jones (marketowns) Above right: Digbeth graffiti, by Trilby Spats Left: Streetlamp at Holliday Street, by Stephen Wheeler (Wagsy Wheeler) Below: Sandhills Farm, Romsley, Worcs, by Taron Curtis (TTC Images)
Imagine being able to monitor the energy usage of a single streetlamp, then using the collected data to predict when the lamp will burn out, allowing for repairs before anyone gets left in the dark.
instant in a streetlamp, the pinprick-raindrops repeated in a puddle, a
But the result is that the MDGs may divert attention from the mechanisms that produce underdevelopment - rather like the drunken man searching for his keys under the lone streetlamp because the light is better there.
Other stunts have included a display of LED lights at the world heritage-listed windmills at Kinderdijk in the Netherlands and a solar-powered LED streetlamp at the Copenhagen climate talks.
A single high-intensity streetlamp bulb (10,000 lumens) would appear about magnitude 32 to an observer on Mars under favorable conditions.
The middle section has a white background for easy reading under a streetlamp at night.
The streetlamp shown was part of Folsom and her staff's efforts to create a Parisian atmosphere within the gallery.
Long, still shots of drain culverts, streetlamp bulbs and electric fans underscore the romantic ennui but also leave an apocalyptic impression.
But the light pollution that wounds might just as well be the glaring neon of a streetlamp outside the window or the glare of headlights on a nearby dual carriageway.
Another reason is that reformers in Washington are often like the drunk who looks for his keys not where he thinks he dropped them, but under a streetlamp, where the light is better Because 527s must disclose their donors and expenditures every quarter, it's easier for political reporters and watchdog groups to blow the whistle on them in real time, issuing reports and press releases about the latest soft-money outrage.
Barron tells the story of a late-night visit to Harlem, where he passed a young man standing on a corner under a streetlamp.
Poured full of some ripe music no poster suggests (only what's coming next) & lit by buttery streetlamp glow gray sweaters topcoats unbuttoned at the throat pearls & nubbly mufflers tonight the cream of understanding elegance of melody lifts them up toward a world of clear notes so when they step into the street or roll among the rest of us oily tires of taxis veering busily they have those notes to go by tipping heads together streaming into the fluent dark
Keep in mind the story about the man searching for his car keys under a bright streetlamp.