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This work, in other words, was not made to look like a scrapbook proving Gertsch's back-in-the-day participation in Smith's enduring avant street-cred or contextualizing his own evolution into a blue-chip artist who makes flawlessly beautiful, delightfully theorized, and formally consistent collectibles.
WHEN you need to move your "posse" the Tino's gangsta rap street-cred is the coolest way to do it, writes PAUL MYLES.
He may though be getting some yoof street-cred after winning a part in the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
Sassy, sexy and ultra cool, Chloe is a paradox of both femininity and romance infused with street-cred edge.
Those who like their music with a bit more street-cred can look forward to CSS coming to Coventry.
Yet he has gradually won over his sceptics with some astute signings and tactical innovations - and should he follow this up by winning a trophy this evening then he would certainly gain some street-cred.
Carcraft spokesperson Howard Ryder, says: "The Corsa is such a popular choice for a first car because it has street-cred and yet is still fairly cheap to buy and run.