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United States film actress (born in 1949)


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The 78-year-old movie, television and stage director won an Oscar for "The Graduate." He directed Hanks and Roberts in "Charlie Wilson's War," and Cher and Streep in "Silkwood."
The reason this film works so well is almost entirely down to Streep, with a little help from Adams.
Scenes involving Streep in post-Second World War France are delightful and every time she is off screen, we hunger for more.
The Streep reporter, who had erred in covering an earlier war (Iraq?), looks like a patsy for a leak from the bad guy senator, played by Cruise, but this time she is made of sterner stuff in regard to targeting Iran.
[Laughs] No, I didn't think I'd have much to do with Meryl Streep, ever.
Nicolas Cage, who plays both Kaufman and Kaufman's wannabe screenwriter twin, Donald, has called his performance "a Cubist thing." Meryl Streep plays Orlean, and her casting is beyond perfect: No one better personifies the New Yorker than Meryl Streep.
In a lavish reminiscence of the last decades of colonial Kenya, Streep portrays a woman, an artist, and a farmer struggling against the unfaithful heart of a husband, the elusive heart of a lover, and the resistant heart of a land that is not hers.
Read by Jill Eikenberry, Nancy Kwan, Melissa Manchester, Jean Smart, Sharon Stone, Meryl Streep, Alfre Woodard.
Streep is scheduled to record at 1:30 the next day.
Streep joined the cast for season two, which began earlier this month, playing Nicole Kidman's character Celeste's mother-in-law Mary Louise, who is not a fan of Witherspoon's character Madeline.
It's not just Streep that the "( A Quiet Place " star sees often.
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Meryl Streep, the most celebrated actress of her generation, has filed an application to trademark her name.
With her most recent Oscar nod for The Post , Meryl Streep has broken her own record for earning the most acting nominations, and in one simple stroke, the Hollywood powerhouse also reaffirmed she's no reluctant activist.
IANS Meryl Streep says she was not expecting to find singer Mariah Carey on her seat at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony.
Lifetime Achievement awards are usually bestowed on senior artists in the golden afterglow of their iconic careers-but, Meryl Streep is in a league of her own, the excellent exception to all limiting rules and expectations.