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the circulation of cytoplasm within a cell


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(computer science) using or relating to a form of continuous tape transport

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Plano, Texas-based ESPRE Solutions is a public company (OTC Pink Sheets: EPRT) and groundbreaking media collaboration solutions provider that fulfills the promise of TV-quality streaming video over the InternetCoeven at dial-up speeds as low as 28Kbps.
Digital Fountain's ToughStream application "strengthens video streams" and enables entertainment quality streaming video over existing IP networks, despite the universal inherent problems associated with IP media delivery, including packet loss.
Full year streaming video data and analysis for the years 1998 - 2005, with forecasts out to 2010
The report, Streaming Video 1998 - 2010: March To Mainstream, lists and compares a series of detailed yearly database-driven analyses -- including full year 2005 -- to develop a clear picture of how the medium grew into an integral component of major Internet, broadcast, cable network, studio and entertainment brand extension.
Total Bandwidth Fees: Internet Radio and Streaming Video Advertising 2005
com provides an in-depth look behind the scenes at one of the most successful streaming video news and entertainment subscription services on the Internet.
A segment with Vitalstream and On2 Technologies dives into their newly announced partnership to maximize the new Flash 8 streaming video platform and codec, the rise of legitimate P2P services is highlighted with iMESH.
This report is a comprehensive analysis of streaming video ratings by site, network, channel and aggregator.
Matt Wasserlauf, CEO of Broadband Enterprises, a streaming media rep firm discusses demand for streaming video advertising in 2005, and how his firm is working with an affiliation of sites to better achieve inventory sell out.
com/reports/c22337) has announced the addition of Flash Streaming Video 2004 - 2006: CDN, Site and Advertiser Adoption to their offering.
Forty percent of the $321 million in gross streaming video ad billings in 2005 will be delivered in Flash (excluding video ad units sold against Internet music radio), based on the latest market analysis report published by AccuStream iMedia Research.
Streaming video advertising is forecast to jump in value by 78% in '05 to $343 million, and streaming audio up by 82% in 2005 to $22 million.
The Super Soccer message was introduced to a global market using dynamic streaming video technology coupled with MediaG3's unique viral marketing features ("Forward to a Friend") and impressive and compelling graphic-rich design elements.