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composer who was born in Russia but lived in the United States after 1939 (1882-1971)

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"Igor Strawinsky: el gran musico es nuestro huesped." La Tribuna.
"Pour vous, chore Nadia Boulanger, ce petit souvenir de votre fidelement devoue, Igor Strawinsky. Paris 2 III 32."
"--es kommt die Futchsin als Nonne verkleidet--": Renard von Strawinsky. Berlin: Weidler, 2007.
Y no es solo Kandinsky el que se refiere a esta experiencia primaria de todo artista, sino que esto es afirmado por muchos otros, como por ejemplo, el decisivo musico del siglo XX, Igor Strawinsky:
(That there are two collections represented on Hemingway's shelves is indicated by different box colors and by the appearance of two boxes containing Stravinsky's Petrouchka, with the composer's name spelled differently: "Strawinski" and "Strawinsky.") These collections of boxed sets were probably purchased during the late 1940s and 1950s; runs of boxed sets such as these were generally purchased through mail order subscription.
But if you are playing exclusively Handel and Martinu or Corelli and Strawinsky than there is a very strong reason to use modern instruments and show they can play two styles.
A reduced color facsimile appears in Strawinsky: Sein Nachlass.
(15) `A vrai dire, son petit precis musical, "Le Coq et l'Arlequin", est une defense deguisee de l'esthetique de Satie contre celle de Strawinsky.' Francis Poulenc, Moi et mes amis: confudences recueillies par Stephane Audel, Paris & Geneva, 1963, p.
Improvisee au Figaro par Igor Strawinsky. Under the title, in Stravinsky' handwriting, the following mention appears: Une Valse pour les petits lecteurs du << Figaro >>.
Glinka, Moussorgsky, Tchaikowsky, Strawinsky. Et autres ecrits, Strawinsky, Berg, Messiaen et Boulez.
La opera El retablo de Maese Pedro, basada en dos capitulos del Don Quijote, de Cervantes, representada en Granada en presencia de Falla en 1933, revela unas influencias del teatro musical contemporaneo, sobre todo la de Strawinsky y la del teatro epico.