stratified sampling

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the population is divided into subpopulations (strata) and random samples are taken of each stratum

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Using SLU complexes as the strata, stratified random sampling was used to define where soils were collected in the 2010 datasets.
Using stratified random sampling in 14 different areas of the city (urban) and five nearby villages (rural), the study was conducted from March to September 2009.
Households were selected by stratified random sampling in a cross-sectional study conducted in New Orleans, Louisiana.
2) They conducted a cross-sectional study at the Botswana-Baylor Children's Clinical Centre of Excellence using stratified random sampling of 100 physician and 97 nurse practitioner encounters and retrospectively reviewed the successful documentation of pill count charted, chief complaint listed, social history updated, disclosure reviewed, physical exam, laboratory testing, WHO staging and paediatric dosing.
A sample of 100 restaurants and bars was drawn by stratified random sampling technique.
As a simple example of the value of stratified random sampling, assume that you want to use sampling to make a statement about the mean apartment rent in a market area.
The conference was arranged to share the National Assessment Findings 2008 from Grade 4 to 8 of the students from public and private schools selected on stratified random sampling basis.
LQAS is a stratified random sampling method in which small samples randomly selected from each stratum are used to determine whether coverage in a stratum exceeds a specific threshold.
simple random sampling, stratified random sampling, or monetary unit sampling--are recommended to ensure compliance with SAS 39's requirement for representative sampling.
Stratified random sampling applies the principles of random sampling to subareas of the site that are suspected to be different.