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a town in central England on the River Avon

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Many believers across the Stratfordian spectrum are like members of a cult.
In discussing the first folio, he draws on a wealth of historical research, including the work of Stratfordian and authorship scholars alike, to determine who controlled publication of the Shakespeare plays, and in particular the 16 plays that were unpublished prior to the first folio.
That's unfortunate because Ogburn could have explained to her why he calls the embroidered Stratfordian biography a 'myth' in opposition to the reality of history as it is being rediscovered and renewed.
No Stratfordians can explain how the raw material of Shakespeare's life enlightens our understanding of the plays and poems.
She's fallen for a trap laid by resentful Stratfordians: the poisoned portrait of the dissolute, no-talent aristocrat.
The blithe Stratfordian contention by Jonathan Bate that "the dramatist who Anglicized the name of the historical Amleth Prince of Denmark was a certain Stratford gentleman who named his own son after his old friend Hamlet Sadler" distorts the fact that "Hamlet" Sadler was christened Hamnet Sadler and that, likewise, William Shakespeare's son was baptized and buried Hamnet.
To believe, as Stratfordians would have it, that this was not the case because people were "different" back then belies everything the plays' characters tell us.
Like Evans, Joice Cowden was a Stratfordian living in London.
The second inference that can be drawn from the depositions in the trial is that any Stratfordian coming to London in the Early Modern period would have found it difficult to escape the dense social networks which characterize small-town life.
It just shows you: You can be an Oxfordian and still have a Stratfordian mentality."
In advance of the release of Anonymous, Stratfordian defenders have manned the battlements.
Dear Editor, -Of course as a Stratfordian born and bred I'm upset to read in Emma Pinch's report (Post, Apr 26) that Stratford has been nominated as a 'crap town' but it is truly heartbreaking to have to admit that it is fast becoming just that.
Rather than seeing it as a ploy to "catch the conscience of the king," a strictly Stratfordian reading of "The Mouse-trap" would be compelled to see it as little more than a fanciful Italian fable divorced of its obvious allegory to the foul deeds committed at the court of Elsinore.
It was not unexpected that a certain Stratfordian playwright should win it, but he was given a run for his money by a Victorian scientist from Shrewsbury.
In this hilarious evening, Stratfordian dignity is exchanged for lunacy.
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