Strait of Gibraltar

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the strait between Spain and Africa

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Early models couldn't resolve the flood's timescale because they couldn't tell how the volume of water flowing through the Strait of Gibraltar changed with time, Garcia-Castellanos says.
HMS Illustrious or 'Lusty' as she is more affectionately known, has been in service since 1982 and the 22,000-ton floating city's latest adventure sees it travel through the Strait of Gibraltar, across the Mediterranean, through the Suez Canal and into the Indian Ocean.
According to information from the Andalucia regional stranding network, CIRCE, (Conservation, Information, Research, Cetaceans), nongovernment organizations, and scientists working on that coastal area, 10 of these pilot whales were stranded in the Strait of Gibraltar area from the end of October 2006 through early February 2007.
The pair crossed the 12-mile Strait of Gibraltar in four hours 36 minutes.
IT was big smiles all round yesterday after Little Britain star David Walliams and Olympic rower James Cracknell successfully swam the Strait of Gibraltar for Sport Relief.
Crosscomar provides steel and underwater repair work to ships in transit through the Strait of Gibraltar.
The country with a coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, Strait of Gibraltar, and the Atlantic Ocean: -- *
For example, in the Strait of Gibraltar the eclipse begins at 7:40 Universal Time and ends at 10:24.
From the Strait of Gibraltar to the snowy peaks of the Atlas Mountains and the windswept Sahara, this work captures a history as diverse and dramatic as Morocco's legendary landscapes and cities.
A small group of soldiers land in the afternoon on Perejil - a small uninhabited island off the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, a garrison city in north Africa that lies across the Strait of Gibraltar. The soldiers set up two tents and raise two Moroccan flags.
She went down in 1694 near the Strait of Gibraltar, and the US company which has made the find, Odyssey Marine Exploration, has approached the Ministry of Defence about a possible salvage operation.
The TransMed gas pipeline from Hassi R'Mel to Italy passes through Tunisia and the Mediterranean, and the western pipeline to Spain which went on stream in late 1996 passes through Morocco and the Strait of Gibraltar.