Strait of Gibraltar

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the strait between Spain and Africa

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Using data from cores drilled in the seafloor as part of preparations for a rail tunnel that will link Africa and Europe, as well as seismic data, a team led by Daniel Garcia-Castellanos from the Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera in Barcelona uncovered a 200-kilometre channel across the Strait of Gibraltar.
Early models couldn't resolve the flood's timescale because they couldn't tell how the volume of water flowing through the Strait of Gibraltar changed with time, Garcia-Castellanos says.
The epizootic had a spatiotemporal sequence, involving the long coast from southern Spain, beginning October-November 2006 in the Strait of Gibraltar, spreading eastward to Almeria and finally northeast to Murcia; the last cases were detected in Valencia and the Balearic Islands in April 2007.
The present study aims to display gravity signatures of the Strait of Gibraltar using numerical filtering methods like horizontal gradient and second vertical derivative.
For example, in the Strait of Gibraltar the eclipse begins at 7:40 Universal Time and ends at 10:24.
From the Strait of Gibraltar to the snowy peaks of the Atlas Mountains and the windswept Sahara, this work captures a history as diverse and dramatic as Morocco's legendary landscapes and cities.
The US says last year it broke up a plot by al-Qaeda terrorists to attack ships off the Strait of Gibraltar, and a French oil tanker was bombed off Yemen in October 2002, killing one sailor.
The Mediterranean Sea is a semi-enclosed sea (Figure 1) that receives inflowing of Atlantic waters through the Strait of Gibraltar (Chic et al.
Rabat claimed the occupation of Perejil was aimed at setting up "a base from which illegal immigration and terrorism in the Strait of Gibraltar could be monitored".
Due to the character of the Schengen Area's external border and control of the clandestine migration in the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain proposed to its Mediterranean partners, and especially to the Maghreb countries of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia: a harmonisation of anti-terrorist legislation; a reinforcement of the fight against money laundering and the intensification of police information exchanges.
The TransMed gas pipeline from Hassi R'Mel to Italy passes through Tunisia and the Mediterranean, and the western pipeline to Spain which went on stream in late 1996 passes through Morocco and the Strait of Gibraltar.
The effectively arranged encounter between the delegations from opposite sides of the Strait of Gibraltar results in a rather stunning mixture of flamenco and Morrocan styles.
From there, the balloon will cross the Atlantic Ocean and enter Europe at the Strait of Gibraltar.
The Mediterranean is a virtually tideless sea, because by the time some of the high tidal water flows through the narrow Strait of Gibraltar and raises the sea level a couple of inches, it is time for it to flow out again.
Founded in 1998, GLT specializes in 100% secured exchange logistics flows in the strait of Gibraltar.