Strait of Gibraltar

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the strait between Spain and Africa

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But while those river channels are V-shaped, the new data show that the Strait of Gibraltar channel has the distinctive U shape that hints at a flood.
Possible explanations for how and why the disease starts are, among others, pollutants (11), the high intensive chronic anthropogenic effects in the Strait of Gibraltar area, a DMV entering a naive pilot whale population, or a progressive decreasing of humoral immunity against the virus in these populations (12).
SWIM: Rob Marsland after swimming across the Strait of Gibraltar
in 2006 he swam across the english Channel and two years later the strait of Gibraltar.
Referring to the infrastructure set up by Morocco, Pacha Vicente stressed the importance of the monitoring center of seaborne trade in the Strait of Gibraltar, recently inaugurated in Tangier.
The Strait of Gibraltar has the second highest density of traffic in the world, just behind that of Malacca in Singapore.
March 20 Eight days from pounds 699 The sights and sounds of not just two countries, but two different continents, divided by the Pillars of Hercules and the Strait of Gibraltar.
Aegean will also have the right to expand its operation as the sole bunker tenant beyond the port perimeter, which is strategically located along the Strait of Gibraltar connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.
The pair crossed the 12-mile Strait of Gibraltar in four hours 36 minutes.
The final leg of the challenge will be a 12-mile swim across the Strait of Gibraltar.
Bay of Biscay, Atlantic Ocean, Strait of Gibraltar, Mediterranean Sea
The Strait of Gibraltar links the Mediterranean Sea with which ocean?
erectus intentionally traveled to Mediterranean islands and entered Europe from Africa via the Strait of Gibraltar have attracted considerable controversy (SN: 1/4/97,p.
Rabat claimed the occupation of Perejil was aimed at setting up "a base from which illegal immigration and terrorism in the Strait of Gibraltar could be monitored".
on Monday, and had hoped to cross the Atlantic and reach the Strait of Gibraltar by Friday.