Strait of Dover

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the strait between the English Channel and the North Sea

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The White Cliffs of Dover, the cliffs forming part of the British coastline on the Strait of Dover, will now be taken care of by the National Trust, the charitable organisation that looks after around 250,000 hectares of countryside, 720 miles of coastline, and numerous historic places in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
The findings were based on the U-shaped valley at the bottom of the Strait of Dover (SN: 7/21/07, p.
A spotter plane which keeps an eye on cargo ships and ferries in the Strait of Dover could be relocated to Coventry Airport if it re-opens in the New Year.
The prehistoric river flowed through the Strait of Dover with such erosive force that it churned out a channel deep enough to have kept Britain geographically isolated from the rest of mainland Europe since the end of the last ice age about 9,000 years ago.
The ship's disappearance sparked international search efforts after its crew contacted coastguards at Dover as it was about to enter the Strait of Dover from the North Sea.
The Malteseregistered Arctic Sea and its 15-strong Russian crew have not been heard from since communicating with British Coastguards as it prepared to enter the Strait of Dover from the North Sea at 1.
Peter Stephenson, boss of Teesside firm Able UK, said the first two 'ghost ships' will leave in two weeks and have to navigate the Strait of Dover before travelling the eastern coast and arriving here by mid-October.
The disastrous collision happened at the northern entrance of the Strait of Dover between England and France at 1.
As well as their current duties, staff at Holyhead are now being called on to deal with emergencies between Stornoway to the Strait of Dover.