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a filter to retain larger pieces while smaller pieces and liquids pass through

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Industrial strainers are another method of pre-filtration in a lab system.
Mueller Steam Specialty's 691MFA Cast Iron Duplex Strainers feature a single shaft drive that operates both diverter valves.
Forum member "ejfunkh" said her husband tried to remove a shower drain strainer with a hammer, screwdriver and crowbar.
Enercon, an engineering, environmental and technical consulting energy company, has received USPN 8048319 and USPN 8054932 patents for a filter medium for strainers used in nuclear reactor Emergency Core Cooling Systems (ECCS).
For Hawthorne strainers I'm partial to the American-made, NYC-based Oxo Steel Cocktail Strainer.
Eaton Filtration offers a new Guide to Pipeline Strainers that describes how these "coarse filters" protect expensive pipeline system components from damage through removal of particulate matter from the process media.
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) has won a contract with South Carolina Electric and Gas (SCEG) for the supply of emergency core cooling strainers to their VC Summer nuclear power plant.
The strainers remove particulate matter from 1/2-in.
Automatic Backwash Strainers have virtually maintenance-free operation.
Today's food strainers and sauce makers make canning fresh fruits and vegetables quick and easy.
Mer-Made Filter manufactures pump strainers of all fiberglass construction.
They differ from strainers, which often only retain inclusions larger than the strainer holes.
Unlike currently available strainers that cause urine to splash on clothing, StoneTrap was designed to form a single, clean-flowing stream with no mess.
EDIBLE BASKETS: To make EACH edible basket, you need 2 (6-inch) metal strainers.
Squares torn from old sheets are also fine for lining strainers.