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insurance on the life of the insured for a fixed amount at a definite premium that is paid each year in the same amount during the entire lifetime of the insured

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Straight Life Insurance market size was xx million US$ and it is expected to reach xx million US$ by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of 2.4% during 2019-2025
He accepted he was from the Lyons family - the notorious Glasgow crime clan - but insisted he had "led a straight life".
I just read a really good biography of a saxophone player called Straight Life: The Story of Art Pepper.
The Contracts are available in several different forms, including a straight life annuity, a life annuity with a guarantee period, and a life annuity with various types of refund features.
Aviva offers a rider on a straight life indexed annuity that requires no underwriting: In the event the insured is confined to a nursing home facility, says Jerek, the carrier will double the monthly income payment for the duration of the insured's life.
If you don't think inflation will be a factor, I priced a straight life contingent annuity for a 65-year-old and the premium came in around $55,000 to receive $4,000 a year.
Other essays in the book include a wry account of the author's "on-again, off-again semi-friendship" with Susan Sontag, written after her death; a meandering look at the author's interest in World War I; a study of home-decorating magazines; and a personal response to Straight Life: The Story of Art Pepper (1979), the autobiography of a jazz musician and heroin addict who was once as famous as Charlie Parker.
In Pittsburgh, people felt a connection to the Springsteen music I used for Straight Life. Part of the reason companies do programs with pop music is to encourage ticket sales.
I have made number of religious paintings besides I do straight life paintings also.
If the decedent was receiving a straight life annuity, there is no property interest remaining at his death to be included in his gross estate.
In return, the children would promise to pay the parent an income for life (called a "straight life" annuity).
In return, the children promise to pay the parent an income for life (called a "straight life" annuity).
A Jewish group dedicated to helping homosexuals make informed choices has slammed a psychologist group's ban on counseling to the "straight life."
Decades later, it's evident his work on "Red Clay," "Straight Life" and "First Light" were direct descendants of his late '60s music and among his most artistically significant works.