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Italian violin maker who developed the modern violin and created violins of unequaled tonal quality (1644?-1737)

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Caption: Italian Ambassador to Latvia, Sebastiano Fulci, Latvian international cellist Maxim Beitanwith and the 1689 Stradivari, Archintus, multi-million Euro cello.
Strad did it until he was 93," he says of Antonio Stradivari (1634-1737), considered the greatest violin maker of all time.
Of all the instruments made by Stradivari, violas are by far the rarest - only 10 survive.
The incredibly rare viola was crafted in 1719 by the legendary Antonio Stradivari and is one of the 10 violas that have survived all these years, making it the world's most expensive instrument, the New York Post reported.
A Stradivari viola is the ultimate prize for collectors and the 'Macdonald' of 1719 is one of only two violas made during Stradivari's 'Golden Period' (1700 - 1720), which saw the production of his finest instruments.
The Lipinski is one of roughly 600 violins, violas and cellos still in existence that were built by famed Italian artisan Antonio Stradivari.
Each plays an oud handcrafted by middle brother Wissam, who was the first Arab to graduate from the Anontio Stradivari School of Violin Making.
Industry veteran Steven Kayne, founder and former president of Excelsior Designs, a luxury producer of Italian-made contemporary furnishings, and Alfred Birnbaum, former president and design director of Casa Stradivari, are co-owners of Exstra Design.
The violins, violas and cellos produced by the Stradivari family from during the 17th and 18th are prized for their remarkable sound and incredible craftsmanship and a new study explores the possible techniques used by Antonio Stradivari.
The first major UK show devoted to the instruments of Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari, the finely crafted violins and cellos on display date mainly from his golden period of 1700-20 (see Collectors' Focus, pp.
There are only 600 violins crafted by Antonio Stradivari left in the world.
I was pleased with the Oriana Fallaci Iong-name-drome of 13 letters, but time marches on, and Stradivari plays the music for that march.
It is a prized stringed instrument made by Antonio Stradivari, who died in 1737.
The University of Iowa Music Library announces that the recordings of the Stradivari Quartet are now available for streaming directly at http://digital.
Piezas robadas: violin Davidoff-Morini Stradivarius (1727), realizado por Stradivari.