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English biographer and leading member of the Bloomsbury Group (1880-1932)

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Lytton Strachey tiene el honor de ser considerado fundador de los "estudios Victorianos" (Altick 84).
Dalloway; letters to Woolf from Desmond and Mary (Molly) MacCarthy; 77 letters (published in Letters) from Woolf to correspondents including Donald Clifford Brace, Robert Gathorne-Hardy, Barbara (Strachey) Halpern, Richard Arthur Warren Hughes, Desmond MacCarthy and Molly MacCarthy; "Preliminary Scheme for the formation of a Partnership between Mr Leonard Sidney Woolf and Mr John Lehmann to take over The Hogarth Press" (includes contract signed by Lehmann, Leonard Woolf, and Virginia Woolf and receipt for Lehmann's payment to Virginia Woolf to purchase Virginia Woolf's share in the Hogarth Press); photographs of Virginia Woolf, Leonard Woolf, Lytton Strachey, Strachey family, Roger Fry, and Vanessa Bell (Hannah Whitall Smith mss.
Julie Taddeo has argued that 'since the 1960s, [Lytton] Strachey and the Bloomsbury Group in general have incited interest among feminist and queer studies scholars, not so much for their publications and art, but for their lifestyles.
In purchasing the Strachey papers, we have closed the book on an acquisitions hunt that began more than 70 years ago," said J.
Deixando clara sua posicao, Strachey (1970) prossegue: "Parece-me que a unica coisa racional a fazer em tal caso e escolher uma palavra obviamente vaga e indeterminada e ater-se a ela.
Also, Vanessa felt that Lydia was "manipulating [Keynes] into marriage," so Lydia was condescended to and treated with fairly overt cruelty--Lytton Strachey called her a "half witted canary"--even as her lack of Englishness grated on their sensibilities.
Now, German academic David Ward has turned up a light-hearted love-poetry generator program written by Strachey to test the machine's ability to randomly select information, reports The Telegraph.
Although James Lovelock is usually credited with having originated the Gala theory, I recently came across the following comment by the Victorian geographer Sir Richard Strachey, made in 1875: 'The picture presents to us our Earth carrying with it, or receiving from the sun or external bodies, as it travels through celestial space, all the materials and all the forces by help of which are fashioned whatever we see upon it.
Lytton Strachey often serves to typify this, with his long, slender and slightly awkward body, his always precarious health and his high pitched voice.
Strachey ("Physical Geography of West Tibet", Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London, vol.
The National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications nominated Shock to the System: A Donald Strachey Mystery for a Vision Award in the original movie category.
Cheerful Weather For The Wedding, written by Julia Strachey, was published in 1932.
The relations with natives of the colonies is something that Strachey discusses in many contexts, including law, transgression, and order in For the Colony in Virginea Britannia (1612).