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United States writer of a novel about slavery that advanced the abolitionists' cause (1811-1896)

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Accompanying an exhibition of historic and contemporary art at Stowe House, "The Garden at War" explores the gardens at Stowe, built by a general, as a site of perpetual conflict in which the preconditions of destruction and creation are inescapable.
Stowe said he is humbled by those who have pursued "a life of faith in a church that has not always welcomed or valued" them or their worth.
Other facilities such as the Stowe Mountain Lodge, Stowe Mountain Club, Stowe Country Club and certain real estate owned and held for potential future development will be retained by MMC.
Evidence, however, indicates that Stowe abandoned Calvinism much earlier than the writing of Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Most recently, Stowe was chief executive of Prudential Corporation Asia, a business unit of Prudential plc, and currently serves on Prudential plc's board representing the North American business unit.
In addition, Jackson said that Jim Sopha, chief operating officer, will assume the role of president of Jackson, reporting to Stowe.
As was the practice of the day, Stowe resigned from teaching when she married.
The final match was decided by one try from Tadhg O'Shaughnessy to one penalty from St Pauls which left the score at 5-3 to Stowe.
Charles Edward, a biographer, says Stowe believed she should care for her ailing husband alone, and that, until Stowe relented and hired a nurse, she worked so hard at tending to her husband that she may have ruined her own health.
During this past year, this project has provided real-time access to the original serial Stowe wrote from her home in Brunswick, Maine.
Mr Stowe, a retained firefighter based at Wellesbourne, was sent into the warehouse as the head of a four-man team wearing breathing apparatus to find and extinguish a pallet fire on November 2, 2007.
The indictment charges that Stowe, "marketed, promoted, and sold stem cells," for treatment of several diseases through front companies, including the nonprofit Stowe Foundation, apparently founded in 2003.
PCSO Chris Stowe organised the camp for youngsters who live on his Fordbridge and Kingshurst beat, to help keep them occupied and encourage them to stay out of trouble.
DR Tim Stowe, RSPB Cymru director for the past 13 years, is stepping down to take on a new role.