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a window outside an ordinary window to protect against severe weather or winter


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Once the storm windows were muscled up the basement stairs, we washed their panes to remove the layer of dust that had collected.
I could see open spaces along the sides of the storm windows.
The building has its original wood-frame windows, although most have aluminum storm windows. Interestingly, the house originally had gas lighting, as evidenced by abandoned gas lighting pipes.
In the 1970s, my wife and I restored our historic home's wood-frame storm windows by installing an extra pane of glass framed with a plastic u-channel and the little clips that are normally used to attach mirrors to the wall.
Multiple panes of glass are the best way to increase R-values, which is why we've traditionally used storm windows and, more recently, double-layered glass.
The windows are aluminum storm windows. The front door is a steel entry door purchased at a home center.
Its applications include structural silicone glazing; thermal break on storm windows and doors; curtain walling.
Insulating R-5 Windows and Low-e Storm Windows Volume Purchase Program, part of a multi-year integrated strategy to transform the high-efficiency window market.
Another possibility is to give federal, state, and local governments the money to hire temporary employees to install storm windows and other devices to increase the energy efficiency of government buildings.
And don't forget to make sure your storm windows are securely fastened--they don't do much good if you accidentally leave them in the "up" position.
From a place of relative safety behind their easels, unfettered by nine-to-five jobs and the usual drudgery (except when their wives pulled them away to put up storm windows), they were free to sit back and observe the American "workscape" in all its glory, from window washers and sign painters to plumbers and construction workers.
A $200 tax credit is available for replacing storm windows, and there are other dollar limits for other specified home energy improvements.
"The wind blew so hard that this gritty snow blew in around the storm windows and the plastic over the outside and everything, and when we got up in the morning there were little piles of snow on the windowsills.
Single-pane storm windows with divided lights pull out and can easily be replaced by screens.