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Synonyms for floodgate

something that restrains a flood or outpouring

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regulator consisting of a valve or gate that controls the rate of water flow through a sluice

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Also in Holland - where 27% of the country is below sea level - the landmark Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier has been closed off for the first time in six years.
said Wednesday it will donate a total of 500 million yen to the city government of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, to help build a storm surge barrier to protect against a tsunami that could strike in the event of a long-expected offshore earthquake in the Pacific.
The 17 formal papers, summaries of talks, and transcriptions of question-and-answer periods consider such topics as synthetic storm simulation for wind risk assessment, vulnerability and potential losses in New York City from coastal flooding, climate adaptation cost for flood risk management in the Netherlands, student designs of storm surge barriers for the New York City metropolitan area, East River storm surge barrier, and the New York/New Jersey Outer Harbor Gateway.
He modeled on what sort of effects closing a storm surge barrier would have with the levels of rainfall felt during Hurricane Floyd, the destructive storm that barreled up the East Coast in 1999.
The scale of this project--dubbed the Delta Works is highlighted by the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier, which was completed in 1986.
A hydraulic storm surge barrier with huge metal doors that can be closed during extremely high storm tides, it ensures the land never gets flooded.
However, the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier in Holland had been extensively studied and research showed that it had produced a negative impact on wildlife and increased the risk of flooding.