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Synonyms for stoner

an attacker who pelts the victim with stones (especially with intent to kill)

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Holmes, that you have already made up your mind," said Miss Stoner, laying her hand upon my companion's sleeve.
Let us thrust this creature back into its den, and we can then remove Miss Stoner to some place of shelter and let the county police know what has happened.
The metallic clang heard by Miss Stoner was obviously caused by her stepfather hastily closing the door of his safe upon its terrible occupant.
I'll tell you what, The Edge, maybe I'll get one of those stoners to play guitar.
Governor Mary Fallin today announced the appointment of Kenneth Morgan Stoner to fill the Office 4 district judge vacancy in Oklahoma County.
In the last several years, Stoner has concentrated on working with clients suffering from addiction and mental health issues, and has earned distinction for his innovative approach to handling such cases.
Bottomline Technologies (NASDAQ: EPAY), a leading provider of cloud-based payment, invoice and banking solutions, today announced that the company and its customer Stoner, Inc.