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someone who cuts or carves stone


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Contact the master stonecutters of StoneSense for your next project for exceptional quality natural countertops in Ottawa.
Jewish Nasielsk is a town that exists only in memory and those memories--of stonecutters and storytellers, mischievous school boys, a little girl with a red ribbon in her hair--are fading.
In the warren-like neighborhood of Tunis where Joseph lived, where the sounds of stonecutters and street merchants competed with the muezzin's call to prayer, the center of social activity was the hammam, or Turkish bathhouse.
While she kept her feminine name, she would direct the stonecutters of her monuments to show her looking more like a man.
In some respects it resembles the modestly unegoistic art of the medieval stonecutters whose reliefs in Chichester Cathedral the young Gill greatly admired (Fig.
Miners and stonecutters throughout the ages have suffered from its effects.
soap makers, stevedores, stonecutters, tobacco workers, tramway employees" (223).
Hundreds of stonecutters spent more than a dozen years, starting in 1883, to build the grand staircase near the western entrance of the New York State Capitol in Albany.
headed down south to the Carolinas where stonecutters were in high demand (1-4).
Stonecutters Island is part of which former British Crown Colony?
Now we already have 1,800 youth qualified as stonecutters.
Siliguri, May 8 (ANI): Women stonecutters in Matigara block near West Bengal's Siliguri District on Sunday said an occasion like Mother's Day do not hold any significance in their lives, as they are unable to provide basic requirements of their children.
Visitors to the 50-acre site will see stonecutters, rope makers and blacksmiths all dressed in period clothing building the fortress using only the material and methods that were available during the 13th century, she said.
One day, a man encountered three stonecutters working on build your professionalism bookshelf a building.
Tiffany stonecutters have tailored the Tiffany DiamondEoACAOs cushion cut to maximize the stonesEoACAO natural color, and Tiffany designers have set the diamonds in modern, must-have jewelry for connoisseurs and fashion loyalists alike.