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Finally, we crushed cooled charcoal from the fire to create cave paintings, outside and back in the classroom, just like Stone Age People.
settlement sites extending from the modern stone age, the bronze age
Tsang said that New Stone Age pottery pieces and animal remains had been excavated from the layer one meter below the cave, adding that it is fortunate that the archaeological layer of the site was not destroyed during the long period when the site was occupied by a temple.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 12 October 2017: International Saudi archaeological missions discovered many archaeological inscriptions, tools, and architectural blocks dating back to different ages from the Stone Age to the Islamic era.
STONE Age artefacts have been discovered at the site of a water treatment works which is being upgraded.
Marcia takes on the Stone Age in this latest comic age style history book.
Stone Age remains one of the cornerstones of Larnaca nightlife as it is one of the oldest bars in Larnaca, with a history spanning over a quarter of a century.
A TEACHER is in hot water after allegedly writing during a class: "Sod teaching, today is about securing tickets to Queens of the Stone Age.
A MODERN-day caveman has gone back to the Stone Age to create a home worthy of Fred Flintstone.
Written in Stone: A Journey Through the Stone Age and the Origins of Modern Language goes beyond most linguistics history titles to survey how English is actually based on original Stone Age words, and where the Indo-European languages originated.
Before Modern Humans: New Perspectives on the African Stone Age
27 ( ANI ): A Swedish Stone Age community may have used fertilisers, researchers have claimed.
Opens Friday THE STARS Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, Nicholas Cage (voices) THE VERDICT A delightfully wild and woolly animated 3D that heads to the Stone Age, The Croods transplants an innocently entertaining family romp back to prehistoric times.
A 40,000-year-old human skeleton found in China has yielded genetic clues to Stone Age evolution.
HISTORIANS believe they have unearthed evidence of a 4,000-year-old Stone Age camp in the Midlands - thanks to a dog walker.