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The other popular xylographic editions of Kagyur such as Derge, Narthang and sTog manuscript and Ulan Bator copy of Them spangs ma manuscript also supports the readings with the insertion of these lines.
(23.) Derge Kanjur 3, 'dul ba, nya 220a6-221a4; sTog Kanjur 3, 'dul ba, ja 481 a2-482a7.
The Stog palace edition of Bka' 'gyur was reproduced between 1975 and 1980.
Indeed, with only minor variation, this is exactly what we find after the initial list of terms in the canonical matrka preserved, as we would expect, in the bKa' 'gyur: ma lta bu'i dum bu gsum pa'i dngos po rdzogs so "The matter[s] of the third section of the matrka are complete" (sTog [= S], Uttaragrantha [= U.], Na 405a7-b1; cf.
Since the Sanskrit text is not extant, I cite the Tibetan translation here (Stog Palace MS, vol.
lLevinda (John Dunlop/Ron Hutchinson) takes the mile-and-a-half heat at Cagnes-sur-Mer from Hinemoa (Declan Gillespie), but stablemate Sodor can manage only second in the ten-furlong event behind Stog (Arthur Bates/Gerard Rivases).