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Then it's invested in the stockmarket where the opportunity of growth may be higher than if you had left the monies with the DSS.
The future of the American stockmarket may be being driven by technology firms which have exploded over the last few years and appear to have high valuations based on historic data.
Meeting at least once a year can avoid the headline grabbing stories of pension funds collapsing as stockmarkets and economies dip.
The deal would not be the first to have been thrown into disarray by the stockmarket turbulence and debt market meltdown.
These clubs have several advantages for newcomers to investing in the stockmarket, in particular because they become a forum in which members can debate the respective advantages of different companies and the wisdom of individual choices.
Chairman Mark Powell said: "Mergers and acquisitions activity generally, and the role of private equity, in particular, have clearly had a favourable impact on UK stockmarkets during the year.
He was attracted to speculating on how the stockmarket would react because it offered an opportunity to make money in times of slow trading; he had previously seen the value of shares he owned tumble at the end of the dotcom boom.
In general, most stockmarkets remain reasonably valued when compared to other asset classes, particularly bonds.
During the stockmarket turmoil, investors in UK firms looked towards financial companies and defensive stocks such as food and tobacco.
A RETIRED businessman who killed his wife when she discovered he had gambled away their EUR65,000 savings on the stockmarket was jailed for life yesterday.
STANDARD Life members will finally know this week if the insurance giant is to lose its mutual status and become a stockmarket company - with both sides still arguing over the size of windfall payments.
It is better than the UK stockmarket, which is down more than 2% this year.
ENTERTAINMENT retailer ChoicesUK suffered a fresh blowon the stockmarket yesterday, even though it reported record sales for the Christmas period.
Your original money may or may not be guaranteed, returns can be fixed or linked to the stockmarket ( or even a combination of stockmarket indices.