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Everything else is a stock phrase, repeated in each subsequent line of the wangga text, in which wak is never prefaced by its appropriate noun classifier, proclitic a=.
The good horses are making their money' has become the stock phrase at the yearling sales in recent years and that is still the case.
All political parties must pause and reject their own stock phrase of dithering, which has been going on for too long between themselves.
Oh, sure, sure he also evoked that stock phrase about how "from the start" of his administration he would work to achieve a Palestinian state - but with occupied Jerusalem as "the undivided capital of Israel".
It's frightening to hear him use the stock phrase of Norman Tebbitt telling people to "get on your bike".
I'm not sure the two of them used the stock phrase that Franco apologists used about him "He is a fine upstanding Christian gentleman", nor indeed how that would sound in Welsh, but that was the tenor of the conversation.
AS A regular viewer of political programmes such as Question Time, I, along with many others I suspect, am getting a bit fed up with the stock phrase that is trotted out by coalition ministers whenever they are put on the spot, or asked an awkward question.
Whenever New Labour make an error after say losing millions of personal records and more importantly major errors which have resulted in fatalities, the stock phrase answer is "lessons must be learnt".
The referee (Phil Southall) said he made an honest decision but that's the stock phrase these days and it's not good enough.
There are odds for the first cliche or stock phrase from a candidate.
It was, he said, the stock phrase used by the "Brown political briefing team" to "traduce"
With Hartson also "chomping at the bit" - Mowbray's stock phrase for over-enthusiastic strikers - the Albion manager has much to consider for what could be their toughest match of the season to date.
I could be confident that he wouldn't hang on to my submission for four months before returning it saying, "Unfortunately it does not fit our present requirements" or another stock phrase.
He said: "If Will had one stock phrase it was his description of anything and everything as being 'rude'.
Any attempt at discipline is usually greeted with the same stock phrase - 'you can't do that, I know my rights'.