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In spite of the foregoing analysis SSA stock markets have performed outstandingly well in the years 2000s.
According to brokers and investors, the brining of the stock markets of the region together will stimulate the issue of government and municipal securities, draw attractive firms to the stock market and induce certain government incentives.
The impact of this fall was felt all over the world as stock markets from Asia and Europe to the Americas all followed in sympathy.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan's growing economy is stable enough to stand up to the global and local stock market downfall emerging from China, the world's second-largest economy.
Naif Al-Hajraf, Chief of the Council of Commissioners of Kuwait's stock market, who chaired the meeting, said at the start of the meeting that a rich and heavy schedule is on the agenda of the meeting, citing the issues of promoting the stock markets of Qatar and the UAE, the study of the future needs of the markets, the unified vision of the GCC stock markets.
Here it is found that out of eight predictor variables used in the analysis only belief in capital market and Surplus cash have the capacity to discriminate between those who are interested in the stock market and those who are not interested in investing in the stock markets.
Chousa, and Krishna et al., [9] tried to assess whether stock markets are simply known to be mother of all speculative businesses, or whether they are importantly linked to attract firm level FDI in the form of cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions activities.
The adverse effects of financial crisis on stock's returns and integration of Islamic stock markets have been investigated through Analysis of variance model (ANOVA), Pearson correlation coefficient method, And finally, a newly developed cointegration technique, powered by Pesaran et al [1] named as Auto Regressive Distributed Lag model (ARDL) are used to investigate the long run integration among the Islamic stock market.
The significant relationship of the stock market and macroeconomic variables acquired resilient support from previous studies with different outcomes.
Fifty-percent is invested in US and foreign stock markets.
The Muscat Securities Market (MSM) is more sensitive to large oil price changes than to small ones, even as the GCC stock markets do not have similar sensitivities to oil price changes, according to a working paper released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
There has being no research in an attempt to explain the current performance of stock markets in emerging economies regarding macroeconomic variables.
African stock markets appear to be on a roll, with market capitalisations almost doubled in the few last years, albeit liquidity remsindat low levels.
The stock markets and their drivers are the main pillars of the economic development of the country.
Muscat, Aug 1st (ONA) Gulf stock markets closed the trading for July 2013 high with an average of 6.33%.