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It is helpful in deciding about the cases whether one would be investing in the stock market or not.
For example, Adam and Anokye et al., [1] in their study examined the impact of FDI on stock market in Ghana by using multivariate co integration and Innovation Accounting Methods.
The country research report on India rolling stock market is a customer intelligence and competitive study of the India market.
When this decision was taken, stock market representatives said this would gravely affect their operations as investors would be reserved and stock market turnover would drop.
Long as well as Short-run relationship between macroeconomic variables and stock market exist in BRIC countries, but this relation is not consistent, it variesconcerning time and other circumstances (Chittedi, 2015).
There are almost no gaps on the chart of exchange rates, unlike the stock market, where practically every day the opening price differs significantly from the closing price.
The stock market is essentially flat for the year, and we are far away from a recession.
there is a bubble and the economy is at risk of going through a recession), then the stock market could enter into a bear market and drop by more than 50 percent.
I am not criticizing investing in the stock market; I am an investor.
Following that, MAS and SC, in a joint statement, said they would work together to facilitate the establishment of a stock market trading link by the end of this year.
'Clearly, more and more investors now prefer to trade and invest in the stock market through online trading systems.
The IMF working paper titled 'Oil Prices and GCC Stock Markets: New Evidence from Smooth Transition Models' said Bahrain's stock market is surprisingly insensitive to large oil price changes.
The stock market plays a crucial role to ensure economy stability and act as mediator between lenders and borrowers.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-December 8, 2017-74% of US investors fear stock market correction
Moreover, the region's markets are immature: indicators of stock market development show that they are small and have few listed companies.