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index based on a statistical compilation of the share prices of a number of representative stocks

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for this purpose, the clients need 2 sustainable stock indices, which are coordinated in terms of content.
Therefore, the main objective of this study is to study one of the factors affecting stock indices and how they can affect so that one can identify investment opportunities and maximize possible gains.
Although a large number of models have been developed by researchers to forecast the stock indices, there is no model that can perform well in any situations; thus, novel effective stock indices forecasting approaches still need to be explored.
Specifically, we collected index values for the last trading day of each month for the following three stock indices:
Best's Insurance Stock Indices include five business segment indices--Multi-Line, Property/Casualty, Life, Health & HMOs, and Brokers & Agents--and a Composite Index.
Real estate, more specifically real estate securities, look particularly interesting given their current levels of valuation and their low to negative correlations with the industry sectors which have driven stock indices upwards in recent years.
The notes are issued at a price of 102 and will be redeemed at a price determined by the performance of the basket of stock indices.
Los Angeles, CA, August 24, 2012 --( Industry Intelligence Inc., a market intelligence and information management company serving the forest products, packaging, and food and beverage industries, today announced the launch of two stock indices in the food service sector.
The same cannot be said for the IBO Stock Indices, which generally showed a steady decline throughout the year.
In August, the three major US stock indices remained close to their respective July closing values.
For the second consecutive month, all four IBO stock indices declined.
During the month of June, all four IBO stock indices declined.
This index continues to be the best performing of the four IBO stock indices and is the only index to show positive gains for the year thus far.
Overall, the Laboratory Instrumentation Stock Index, down 34% for the year, has been the hardest hit of all four IBO stock indices. There are seven companies in this index that have lost over 50% of their respective values since the beginning of the year: PerkinElmer, Luminex, Broker AXS, Genomic Solutions, Applied Biosystems, Bruker Daltonics, and Rheometric Scientific.
The effects of the US and world economies were certainly evident in the performance of the stocks that make up the four IBO Stock Indices. As IBO does every year, we have listed in this issue the top five winners and losers for the calendar year in terms of stock performance.