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Synonyms for fodder

Synonyms for fodder

soldiers who are regarded as expendable in the face of artillery fire

coarse food (especially for livestock) composed of entire plants or the leaves and stalks of a cereal crop

give fodder (to domesticated animals)

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While grain from the trial crops has shown promise in its first WA field trial, its quality makes it suitable only for stock feed. Researchers are aiming for a product of high enough quality to be milled into flour.
As the grain structure changes throughout the cut, you can vary the stock feed rate to reduce the possibility of chipouts and spoilage to the stock.
Growing corn, soybeans, and hay for live stock feed uses up about half of all U.S.
A minute later, Worrick converted an old-fashioned three off a fast-break and followed with a baseline jumper off a Stock feed to put the Indians up, 47-42.
A two-stage screening system in the approach flow with an MSA MultiScreen in the stock feed to the headbox and a MiniSorter in the second stage will replace existing screening equipment.
The company which will plans to operate stock feed industry.
It doesn't talk about pumpkins, another standard old-time stock feed, or fallen fruit or mast such as acorns.
The compact MC785 spray valve fits inside the press between the stock feed and die.
In Western Asian countries and Egypt, chopped wheat straw is valuable as stock feed for cattle and camels.
Mr Sinombe also noted that stock feed supply in Botswana was insufficient.
"These new projects are diverse and exciting they could lead to new innovative organic waste management, new types of sustainable stock feed, better ways to preserve Western Australia's black winter truffles and improvements to inoculant information for farmers that grow legume crops."
In particular, land capable of arable cropping/forage conservation is much in demand as livestock farmers seek to reduce input costs by growing their own stock feed.
In addition, improving the quality of grass silage will also help to minimise how much extra feed is needed, as will using other food such as stock feed vegetables and bringing in urea as an economic source of crude protein, said Dr Vickers.
The President noted that due to drought, shortage of locally produced food stood at 98 per cent, revealing that the government therefore intended to reduce stock feed prices and increase food supplements in clinics.
Livestock production will benefit from better quality stock feed earlier in the season, improved animal reproduction and growth, and an ability to carry more livestock on each farm.