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a car kept in dealers' stock for regular sales

a racing car with the basic chassis of a commercially available car

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The continuing popularity of stock car racing makes the sport one of the most under-rated in theUKand Europe.
The nearest stock car racing now is in Sheffield or at Belle Vue.
Today, stock car racing is the fastest growing spectator sport in the US.
The P&G brandSAVER500 sweepstakes marks the first multi-brand, season-long stock car racing initiative for P&G and will incorporate six brands including Bounty[R], Gillette[R], Old Spice[R], Prilosec [R], Pringles[R] and ThermaCare[R].
Stock car racing is completely new to Fernandez, who hails from Mexico City, and he has been asking for a lot of advice.
It is the first animated series to take fans behind-the-scenes and into the heart of a stock car racing family trying to win on the big circuit.
This is the most popular tire set-up Goodyear will bring to the track in 2004,'' said Mark Keto, Goodyear's lead engineer for stock car racing.
David Keaveney, president and CEO of MotorSports Emporium, commented, "Jason Bowles is a young up-and-coming racing sensation who will use GS610(TM) brake fluid during the 2006 Irwindale Speedway Series, a NASCAR-sanctioned stock car racing series.
The new reality TV show, "Reality Racing - The Rookie Challenge," combines two of the hottest on-air entertainment concepts - stock car racing and reality television - to create a totally unique, nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat, action-packed 13 week hit TV show scheduled to air in early 2006.
If I find one that has intercollegiate stock car racing, maybe I'll go there.
In those 10 years, Gordon has seen his share of changes in stock car racing.
and "Bruce Almighty" have voiced two new characters on The Kellys, the first animated series about a stock car racing team.
Fred has previously raced motorized karts and has been drag racing, but this is his first attempt at stock car racing.