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the right granting to shareholders the first opportunity to buy a new issue of stock

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"We're looking at a possible combination of a swap and a stock rights offering because there will be components as well that we'll need for future expansion," AC Energy President Eric T.
LT Group President Michael Tan said P6 billion to P7 billion of this year's capex will be spent on PNB's P12-billion stock rights offer.
Bankers explained that such financial products linking stock right, interest rate, and exchange rate refer to some portfolio (or structured) products, such as products linking stock rights, whose yield would be affected by swing of stock prices.
(TA.PH) is commencing a five-day stock rights offering to raise around PHP1.17bn on May 30, 2011, according to the Philippine Stock Exchange.
The bonds will mature on 30 July 2010 and will be paid using a portion of the proceeds from First Gen's PHP15bn stock rights offering concluded in January 2010.
The AICPA recommended that the IRS: extend deadlines for correcting operational errors: remove the limit for operational errors not corrected within the taxable year: change the requirement that operational errors be "'unintentional": allow taxpayers other than company insiders to use the sell-correction program: allow certain plan document errors to be corrected: and allow certain stock rights failures to be corrected.
Interim guidance on outstanding stock rights under Sec.
When stock rights are distributed to an investor, the investor is generally not required to recognize the receipt of the stock rights as a taxable event.
Section 409A potentially covers any plan or individual agreement between a service recipient (such as an employer) and service provider (such as an employee) that provides for the deferral of compensation, including traditional deferred compensation plan, certain stock rights (see below), severance pay, annual or multi-year bonuses, supplemental executive retirement plans (SERPs), and any other compensation arrangement that defers the payment of compensation beyond the taxable year in which the service provider is legally entitled to it.
The proposed statement would establish fair value standards for investments in interest-earning investment contracts, external investment pools and open-end mutual funds, as well as debt and equity securities, option contracts, stock warrants and stock rights for which fair value is readily determined.
8808081 in which the Internal Revenue Service held that "poison pill" stock rights were taxable boot in an otherwise tax-free reorganization, and (2) Revenue Ruling 90-11 in which the IRS discussed the federal income tax consequences of a corporation's adoption of a poison pill plan.
That is, should there be different accounting for stock options, restricted stock, phantom stock, stock equivalents, and other types of stock rights? The project was not received with a great amount of enthusiasm by those companies issuing those types of stock arrangements or by the officers receiving them.
At the same time, FMIC noted that the equities market has a lackluster performance in the first half, raising only a total of P16 billion comprised of P8 billion stock rights offering of PSBank and some private placements.
PNB's board approved on Friday a stock rights offering to 'strengthen its common equity tier 1 and enable the bank to sustain its asset growth.'
The PSE said a review of the data submitted by the brokers revealed 7.26 percent of the outstanding shares, including the 3.38 percent acquired under the PSE's stock rights offering, were held by brokers' principal shareholders and related parties in omnibus client accounts.