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a certificate documenting the shareholder's ownership in the corporation


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The stock certificates, with images of Mickey Mouse, Dumbo and Tinker Bell on them, have long been collector's items and a fixture in many children's bedrooms.
com)-- Some of the new key features include a new database format, ability to go directly to the record you want, adding your own stock certificate types, entering either zip or postal codes and a state or a province.
There are generally three components to good stock record keeping: the stock ledger, the stock certificate and the authorizations necessary for the issuance
carrying a sport bag containing 36 million yen in cash and stock certificates worth 2 million yen when he was violently shoved from the back, according to the police.
This is the second time this year that forged stock certificates have come to light.
Although the lead time to obtain the stock certificates is up to eight weeks, One Share will ship a special gift notification for the holidays for only the cost of the delivery.
When a shareholder in a cooperative sells his unit, yet cannot locate the stock certificate and/or lease, the typical procedure is to ask him to sign a lost stock affidavit, which states that he misplaced the documents and that no lender has an interest in the unit.
The company requires all persons in possession of existing stock certificates for the following companies of Diamond PowerSports CUSIP #252720107, Golden Dragon Holdings, Inc.
The court also found that the racial bias allegations were "based strictly on hearsay" and that there was no evidence that the absence of new stock certificates in any way interfered with the Allens' ownership of the apartments or their ability to sell them.
According to the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, paper stock certificates cost companies, investors, banks and brokers hundreds of millions of dollars each year to print, register, ship, examine, file and keep safe, so as a cost cutting measure, they are moving to digital ownership.
ViewItem& category=52620&item=230078510306) Class A Stock certificate, with the highest price per single share of stock on the NYSE (http://www.
The name change does not affect the rights of the company's stockholders and current stockholders will not be required to turn in their Power2Ship stock certificates for new certificates.
stock certificates for Gold & Silver Minerals' stock certificates.
Stockholders of record who hold share certificates will receive a letter of transmittal requesting that they surrender their old stock certificates for new stock certificates reflecting the adjusted number of shares as a result of the reverse stock split.